Hi, we’re Jules and Dee, your local Weeding Women franchisees

In 2014 we joined the Weeding Women team with a common vision to transform the gardens of the Mandurah region.  We look forward to beautifying your patch of our coastal playground.

Our services include:

  • Qualified horticultural advice
  • Weeding, tidying and edging of garden beds
  • Weeding paving and driveways
  • Pruning and shaping shrubs
  • Planting and transplanting
  • Raking, sweeping and blowing down
  • Fertilising and mulching
  • Annual rose pruning
  • Care of pots and hanging baskets
  • Full garden clean-ups
  • Regular maintenance plans
  • Whipper snipping
  • Minor reticulation repair
  • Removal of garden waste
  • Targeted spray treatments

Client Testimonial

My garden is looking lovely Jules, thanks to you and Dee. The hedge is perfect, you guys do a brilliant job. I have fun watching the currawongs walking along the top of it and picking out insects and spiders.

G. Dyson – Mandurah

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A little more about Jules and Dee

Jules  is a horticulturalist with influences from formal gardens, English landscaping and garden designs from her native New Zealand. Her interests are permaculture, sustainable living, organic gardening and the community aspect of gardening.

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